Internet Technology In Business

In the internet business is often used as a means of information exchange, media campaigns, e-mail, catalog product and others. In addition to the above purposes of the internet is also used for discussion, consultation with consumers who need information, so consumers can be involved in a proactive and interactive for designing, developing, marketing and sales products. Marketing using the Internet can be done with 2 methods, namely, push and pull marketing. What is the advantage of the business strategy that can be obtained from the internet is global and interactive, provision of information and services needed by the consumer, can establish cooperation so as to enable to open new markets, new products, and services. Cultivated should not be arbitrary to choose internet provider service. You simply use the service which you can online by way of the customer make an order through website or contact our marketing by email After the booking and registration process is complete, our marketing will oversee the process of installing the service to the customer’s location.

To experience the quality of broadband consumer services, potential customers are welcome to try out the services in some of our locations. We will provide a demo facility or service trial that matches exactly the same service that will be installed at the customer’s location. Payments can be made by cash, transfer and via credit card by adjusting the selected product. Metrasat offers a device rental scheme to ensure customer satisfaction and convenience during subscription. In case of device damage during the contract, Metrasat will replace. Upon completion of subscription, Metrasat will tidy up the device at the customer’s side.