Do This Before Washing Clothes!

Washing machines are an important part of every household. Not only can save time, but the washing machine also cleans clothes much cleaner than by hand. Here are some tips on washing clothes to get the most out of your new washing machine.

Always read the care labels on clothes before washing. The printed symbols will tell the setting of rotation and temperature, and also and the correct way to dry the clothes afterward. This simple step will prevent your favorite clothes from damage, and also ensure the clothes are thoroughly cleaned. To reduce the risk of damaging your clothes, separate the dirty clothes into different places based on the washing machine settings. For example dark-colored clothing, white and clothing made of sensitive or smooth.If there are stains, immediately overcome before running the main wash. Brush or rub the affected area in the detergent to reduce the stain, then wash the machine as usual. With this, the possibility of stains attached to clothing can be reduced. You can visit if you need help to wash your clothes.

Check your clothes pocket to make sure there is nothing left in it. Coins, keys or other hard objects that are accidentally left in the bag when washing clothes will damage your washing machine and also your clothes. In addition, the paper left in the bag is also likely to melt and spread in clothing.