Advertise on Popular Vehicles

Private cars have been used later to seek additional income. Even the Brisbane vehicle signage application offers users to drive their four-wheeler into a running advertisement. Wrapmobil is a mobile app that allows car users to place ads wrapped in their car bodies and get paid for every kilometer the car goes through. For drivers who have to grapple with congestion every day, vehicle signage Brisbane turns this frustrating, monotonous thing into a much more profitable activity. While advertisers are looking for a choice of outdoor advertising with more measurable results and excellence in the matter of ROI (Return on Investment), Brisbane’s vehicle signage offers more advantages over more traditional methods such as billboards or signboards.

The concept and business model of Brisbane’s signage vehicle allow everyone with a car to earn extra income while driving. Our mission is to kill the traditional billboard industry and help everyone to be able to pay off their first car. In fact, our solution is much cheaper than billboards. For advertisers, this price is nothing compared to the price they have to spend on billboards, and advertising on the car body is actually much better because it is not static.