The Cause of the Air Conditioner is not Cold

For new air conditioners that are not the usual cold cases that occur due to these 2 things; PK selection is not appropriate for your room aircon repair singapore. Incorrect installation. Poor selection of PK will make your room feel less cold because it takes a long time for your air conditioner to cool your room. Have you selected the right PK from your air conditioner? do not choose PK that is too fit with the room because it must be taken into account how many people use the room. The more people using your room will need AC with higher PK. When you buy an air conditioner, surely you need professional installation service to avoid the mistake in the installation of an air conditioner at your home, then with us aircon repair singapore, you do not have to worry.

If the calculation of PK is not a problem means there may be errors in the installation. Check the outdoor unit and make sure it is not covered by anything. This outdoor unit requires room to release the heat. Here’s an empty space of about 60 cm – 1 m from outdoor AC fan. Also, make sure the outdoor unit is not fitted with other outdoor units if you have more than one. The point is to make sure your outdoor unit can release heat well.